Friday, January 9, 2009

Now What?

These overflowing bins of fabric and thread are an excellent representation of what my brain feels like now. I have loads if ideas in need of some organization before I can pull any of them off. I have not started my new sketchbook yet this year - it is kind of a ritual with me to begin a new sketchbook each year. Doodling and sketching also keeps me from going completely mad during the winter months leading into spring - the first 20 pages or so always filled with seedling and plant drawings. Once I have organized myself this weekend - I hope to begin to experiment a bit with the many supplies of fabric and thread that I have.

These photos show my wonderful supply of quilting scraps handed down to me from my Grandmother - many probably originally from my Great-Grandmother. I try to work them in whenever possible. There is also my embroidery thread, ETC. drawer. Also one blank already quilted canvas awaiting some sort of embellishment.

I will be back - a bit more organized...


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