Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last One

I believe this will be the last little piece to make it into the little showing. Everything must be ready by tomorrow afternoon.

The many little wires are those used to hold anything and everything very securely attached to it's cardboard packaging. Most of the ones on this piece came from the past months birthdays and Christmas gifts. This was my first time "embellishing" with anything not fabric or thread.


  1. It's beautiful! Really spectacular. I have two questions/requests: 1) are you allowed to tell us where & when the show will be? & 2) would you mind including dimensions in your posts? I want to be able to picture the size and it's hard to tell from the (gorgeous) photos.

    Thanks! I'm enjoying this so much already.

  2. Hello and thank you! Size on this one is about 8"X10" and I added a detail shot to the post. See most recent post for show details. See you soon...