Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Below the Ice and Snow

We went on a little trip this past weekend and enjoyed several winter walks with our boys. I had a conversation with my six-year-old about animals that hibernate - animals that don't. So I have been thinking a lot about the warm places under the snow, little animals curled up sleeping - how opposite these two things are in winter - above and below. We are missing our little chipmunk friend who lives under the front steps - so I think I will add him in somehow, curled up sleeping below ground - under the wintery tree.


  1. what a lovely curled up tree root. your tree is looking very beautiful and I like the dark earth underneath. I tried once to explain the hibernation thing to my 5 yr old after a television show once...well, then we had to explain the snow thing and she can understand to some extent other countries being different, but it was a little bit too abstract I think. We basically have two seasons. warm and dry and sometimes hot, cold and not as dry. It might frost once a year...

  2. Hi Jeana,
    Thank you for your encouraging comments. : ) It is fun to hear from you such a different perspective on the seasons and weather. We have had snow so often this winter - I think it may feel strange when it is gone. We walk my son to school each weekday and so we have been so much more in contact with the weather this year than in the past. It has been a wonderful experience to go out each morning. On a few very cold days the small amount of humidity outside was freezing and the sun was shining - there was glitter in the air - it was amazing. I don't recall ever seeing anything like that before.