Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thin Skinned Part II

It started as three hand appliqued pale yellow circles with a small rose print in each - a twisting strand of embroidery floss stuck to the back as I tried to fit it to a layer of batting and backing. I noticed it stuck there through the white cotton. Then I saw the circles as three egg yolks with this string as veins. As a child I thought the yolk would have become a chick - if I didn't eat it. This isn't exactly scientifically true, I know now how it all works out - but that child thought still flashes through my mind most times I crack open an egg and see the yellow yolk flop out. The veins radiating out are part of that flutter of a child thought.

A circle just seems to want to have something curled up inside of it.

I heavily machine quilted the entire piece. I added just a bit of golden colored acrylic paint to the circles because they just weren't as yellow as they seemed at the start. I am still stitching down some loose ends onto the top layer to echo the veins under the surface...


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