Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have been busy just keeping up with the day to day stuff. Daydreaming in bright green with ten inches of snow on the ground. Managing a few clothing repairs - intact knees on pants are rare at our house. My smallest boy barely stood still long enough for the photo.

Right around Valentine's Day there were some very lovely heart-shaped thoughts and photos on mending by Jude Hill and Jeana Marie Blackert.


  1. thank you Susan for the very kind mention :)

    10 inches of snow - wow - I think the last time I saw that much snow I must have been under 10 yrs old - I know it's cold, but it seems so much like a dream.

  2. in reply to Jeana Marie -
    Actually - the snow is really beautiful - we have had a lot this year and it just keeps coming. I just always get a bit anxious when it's spring that is next in line.