Friday, February 5, 2010

Inside of a Circle

There are many scraps of fabric that my Grandma gave me that I have never been sure how I would ever use - for whatever reason they just did not appeal to me. I could also never imagine getting rid of them - I keep them because they belonged to her and I can imagine she touched them and looked through them as I do. I have a funny thought about these fabrics - what if my Grandma didn't care for them either and she held on to them for so long because some of them may have belonged to her mother. Of course there is also the fact that when these fabrics belonged to my Great Grandma and even when they belonged to my Grandma - you saved things like used curtains and pillowcases to make something else later on.

I am pretty sure this blue fabric was once a pillowcase - it's one of those pieces I was never sure how to use, maybe a little too feminine. But working on this circle sampler has helped me to see these fabrics in a whole new way. Cropping out one circle at a time - there are all kinds of interesting little areas within the repeating patterns...

I have also added some smaller circles to mix it up a bit - and rotating the stripe patterns where they overlap. I can see this becoming an ongoing long term project and a larger size quilt top than I first had in mind... I am really enjoying working on it.


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