Monday, April 26, 2010


I borrowed an idea from Jude, Judy and Jeanna and set-up a fabric wall to have a better look at some of my quilts and squares in progress. It's a little busy to see them all at once. But, I noticed right away how most of them relate to each other, even though I always feel like I am jumping all over the place as I start new things. I now have new ideas of combining some of these quilts. It's pretty clear I have a circle, triangle and square thing going on. They are hanging at the top of the stairs and am reminded of them each time I pass. I put them up on Friday and so many new thoughts have come from this already. It helps in the moments I cannot work on them to think of where they are going - in different directions than I may have originally thought.

My sons love to make displays of their own with their figurines and Legos. They are constantly working on their displays and talking about them - changing them, asking me to photograph them as they have seen me take photos of the things I have created. I put up the fabric wall and quilts while my 6-year-old was at school on Friday. He noticed it right away when he came home and said, "I really like your quilt display." He said this with the confidence of an experienced display creator to me - the beginner. We have worked on his displays together a lot, but he was clearly pleased I decided to try this on my own. I just have to include one of his displays too.


  1. i think it is a valuable lesson to see that all our thoughts are indeed connected.
    stepping back and looking really helps.
    lovely displays.

  2. it has helped so much. I am enjoying taking things down to work for a bit and then putting them back up on the wall to think on it.

  3. susan, i love the pieces that make your display and very much see them as relating. i agree that they would blend together into a larger cloth. but this is always such angst for me, to keep things in potential state v.s. "finished?"
    love your son's confidence.