Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Thinking about my childhood always brings me back around to thinking about fossils. When I was little, taking walks with my parents and grandparents always involved looking for fossils. I was fortunate to grow up right next to a creek that was (still is) full of fossils. Everywhere you step - there they are. The gravel in the creek bed is made of broken fossilized shells and plant stems and ancient ocean animals. I like being part of a timeline that is so impossible to comprehend.

I have been playing with my new free-motion foot. Not as much as I hope to - too beautiful outside to sit at the sewing machine.

These ones found several weekends ago - hunting fossils with my boys in the same creek I played in when I was little - at my parents' house.

While I am walking in the creek, I like to think about the fossils embedded underground that I can't see - and how many there must be - so many. Some of them look like this - complete with roots...

My boys and I admired this and many more amazing Indiana fossils at the State Museum one afternoon several weeks ago. My boys like fossils too.


  1. I have enjoyed your thoughtful text in all of your postings, including this one about fossils. It's wonderful to see someone combining young children, fresh air and stitch.

  2. beautiful post. everything has melted together.